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All the Latest News about Strange Fiction


24-Jul-09 : Pilot Episode 'Hitting It Off' Begins Principal Photography!

After years of anticipation - quite literally - shooting for 'Hitting It Off' has begun! This episode stars Daniel Nemes as Tim, the hapless hitman, and Elizabeth O'Brick as Angie, his unsuspecting girlfriend.

Supporting roles are admirably filled by Christine Greenough (as Angie's mother), Craig Walker as Roger, the dodgy car salesman, and Colette Samerski as an unfortunate victim caught in the broil.

This episode is directed by Nathan Wishart, Director of Photography is Ian Nicholson, Sound by Mark Paul.

We also have a very special guest star to open and close each episode! An Australian entertainment icon, you could say... Watch this space for more details!

06-Jul-09 : Pilot Episode 'Hitting It Off' is in Preproduction!

At long last, the first episode's script has been refined and cleaned up and now we're in the process of casting!

Auditions will be held Wednesday 8th July for the characters of 'Hitting it Off', a black comedy about a hapless noobie hitman whose girlfriend takes a keen interest in his career, but not in a way he would expect.

Nathan Wishart is directing, and the script-writer Ian Nicholson will also be Director of Photography.

Shooting is scheduled for mid-late July 2009, and will be shot in High Definition video.

03-Jul-09 : Scripts Uploaded to SFIMG!

A number of scripts for consideration have now been uploaded to the files area on the Sydney Film Industry Meetup Group website. Note: You MUST be a member in order to view them!

For prospective directors, the rules are quite simple:-

1) You must first get the writer's permission to shoot the script.
2) There is no budget, but we DO have a lot of equipment and talent within the group. You just have to ask nicely!
3) You may need to go through a script review process with the writer. Some of these scripts are first draft and may need work. You are responsible for this but must NEVER make a change without consulting the writer first!
4) You must get your cast and crew from SFIMG. If you cast elsewhere, they must become members. (Enrolling is free).
5) You must have someone from the production board present on the shoot. Contact Ian Nicholson for further details on this.
6) Make sure you and your cast and crew have fun!

01-Jul-09 : Mark Paul Wins in the 'Name of the Series' Poll

The Sydney Film Industry Meetup Group held a poll to determine the name of the TV series, with the winning entrant to receive a decent bottle of red!

Congratulations then to Mark Paul - the winner for coming up with the name 'Strange Fiction' that won a very close contest with 48 votes. Mark will in fact be directing our second episode currently under preproduction, 'The Visitor' (writer: Ian Nicholson).

Other names that nearly made it were:- FearScape (46 votes), FearSpace (44) and Tales of Darkness (44). Whoo-oo-oo...!

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