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Welcome to StrangeFiction.TV


Step Inside... Strange Fiction.

A creepy old basement bookshop on a dark street. The mysterious proprietor invites his customers to try a book... a special book he chooses for them. As they read the first page, for some reason they immediately identify with the book's characters and become drawn into the story...

Is it real, or is it just Strange Fiction?

Six deliciously chilling stories to stir you late at night. What better way to end your day than with a nightcap of horror, mystery and suspense?

Strange Fiction - whatever you do, don't watch it alone!

A Horrifying New TV Series...

Strange Fiction is a new Australian TV series that will take you on a journey of mystery, horror and suspense.

Series 1 will comprise of six episodes, each with deliciously horrible twist in the tale to shatter your nerves.

Strange Fiction takes its inspiration unashamedly from hit TV shows like the Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits - compelling, engaging stories of horror, mystery, sci-fi and suspense with an unexpected turn in the tale.

First up is a suspenseful black comedy about a hapless noob hitman whose loving girlfriend suddenly takes an interest in his extracurricular hobby - but not for the reason he suspects...

Our next episode is pure science fiction about a mysterious old man who questions a scientist about his research into time-travel...

Also lined up are classic psychological thrillers and a couple of good ol' monster stories!

Watch this space for news of future air dates...

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